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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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• 6/2/2015

Prayers for those doing their finals or GCSE's or any other exams

Wedgeback (kylar) and I are doing our exams and we are terrified! I have done 12 exams and another 7 to go! Aarrghh
Wish us luck!
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• 5/26/2015

Ben Stiller Needs Prayers

His mom  died on 24th May. He needs it more than ever. RIP Anne Meara
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• 10/2/2014

I wanted to post a poem I found. This is for all of my friends.

There’s a miracle called friendship
that dwells within the heart,
and you don’t know how it happens
or how it gets its start…
But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift,
And you realize that friendship
is God’s most precious gift!
--B.J. Morbitzer
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• 5/10/2014

Doing some life and Wikia changes

Dracozar wrote:You're not ready for adminship.
1. You're not levelheaded, you can't handle a situation without yelling or whining.
2. You only want to ban people, being an admin isn't all about that.
3. The fact that you flip out about not having adminship is shameful and immature.
4. Blue is a fervent Christian but he doesn't soapbox about his religion the way you do. Keep it off the wiki.
All in all, you're way too immature and explosive to be an admin. I can't see you as one anytime soon.

Sad to say this, but Drazar does have a point, I don't have much good points as a user, so I like to know what would be a good change for me? I've tried making some changes in my life before, but they don't really go so well, I don't know if its me, my personality or my presence in general on this wiki? I saw 5 Kudoses on Dracozar's one reply to me on this Thread, and from seeing this, I really must consider making full time changes in my life and on Wikia, I lost alot of great friends last year because of things I did, and this year I lost another friend, and really, I want to make some life changes, any suggestion is appreciated. This time, I am 100% Sure I want to make these changes, and I am doing them to become a better friend to all, I know my current friend status is possibly Least Favorite or Not worth it, well that is what I think in my mind, I know few might say "Sure you make changes, you said it before but never meant it" but to some who do think or want to say that, this time I truly mean it, I want to become a better friend, and some how get back the friends I once had, before I screwed up the friendships I once had....So honestly and truthfully, I am ready to make some life changes.
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• 2/11/2014

New Theme

Ok, I have put the new theme for Valentine's Day up, I hope some of you guys like it, if some of you don't, don't worry, I keep it up till the week after Valentine's Day. Just hope you like the color.
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This post is locked.
• 2/5/2014


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• 9/7/2013

Wiki quality and stuff

I'm an admin here and I've been doing absolutley nothing the past few months and because of that I have some suggestions.
Wiki Quality:
I've been seeing many small and not so good pages lately.  WE should work on making them better, not adding more pages.
There is a heck of a lot that can be done from CSS to JavaScript, I myself am not so good with either, but you can ask the Community Central guys and there is also MediaWiki pages, I think that if the wiki was nicely customized we would get more users.
More Users:
Here is the hardest.  Advertising on Community Central chat and on other wiki might just work, but I think that we need to get the word out to other ship wikis.
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• 8/25/2013

Prayer needed

Hi everyone, I am a little worried bout Faith, she hasn't been on once all day so please pray that she is ok, I've been worried bout her all day and its unlike her to be away for so long.So please prayers are needed. Please pray for Faith to be ok and that her family be ok as well.
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• 8/15/2013

Fictional Ships?

I think that we should have a category for fictional ships invented by users on the wiki.  I'd like to here everyone's opinion (especially Wedge's!).  If this does happen could we have spacecraft (After all they are ships!)?
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• 8/15/2013


The acticity on the wiki has a hit an all time low.  I can only do so much here and I'm thinking of stepping down from being an admin, but beforehand I want to make sure that the wiki is back on track.  My wiki has been having problems and because of that I've not been editing here.  i hope to edit more in the future. Anyway, we need more articles!
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• 7/10/2013

Prayers needed for Faith

Please give prayers for Faith, shes been battling with breathing lately, due to the bad heat she is dealing with in her home area, please pray for her, so Faith be healed of all breathing problems like Asthma.
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• 6/26/2013

Prayers Requested

Hi All!
I have been desperately searching for a job for some time now and have had several interviews, none of which came to anything. Yesterday I had a gentleman at the Golden Corral I had applied to interview me, and he asked me to come in for an orientation/training - if I can pass that I've probably got the job. Please pray all goes well because right now I don't have the money to pursue my bachelor's in Elementary Education, and fulful my goal of becoming a teacher.
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• 6/26/2013

Prayers for Mewt

I know he may have gave you heck, but i want to pray for mewt.  He is a loyal friend of mine. I realize that he is athesist, but I want him to know that our prayers our wth him from his mates. He has become inactive, and his loss is a blow to this wiki. He edited a lot, when he could. I, for one, would like Mewt to know that he is our friend. Lets pray for him, both for what he is going through, and that he would one day return to our family.
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• 6/21/2013

Prayers for Ariyh and his family

I wanted to ask for prayers for Ariyh and his family. He told me his great-grandfather died this morning at 7:23.
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• 6/17/2013

Prayers needed for Brooklyn Krupps

Please give your prayers for Brooklyn Krupps, and her family. Brook lost her daughter Abigail, who's life was taken by a coyote, earlier on today, so please, give prayers to her and her family. Let her know we are there for her.
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• 6/14/2013

2 year anniversary looming

On October 28th, this wiki will turn 2 years old. I want to make that clear. By that point, I want 550 articles at minimum
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• 6/11/2013

Inactive admins

Ok, i've lost my patience. If inactive admins do not become active by july 10th, their admin rights are lost
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• 6/20/2013

Welcome to our newest user!

I want to welcome Greyfur to the Shipsandthings wiki family! He is an admin so listen to him on article ideas! This gives us Myself, Wild, Niko, Lord Aplsey, Sandy and now Greyfur as active users. Lets spread the word about this great community!
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• 5/25/2013

My thanks to you

A message from the founder: My fellow users, this wiki was founded 19 months ago. In that time, we have had great prosperity. The wiki has grown immensly. Over 380 articles to give our mates ship info. And 360 plus photos to add to the joy of reading about the ships. We have had the honor of Lord Apsley joining the wiki and i cant thank him enough for helping our wiki out. I thank you, Niko, for being willing to help get things done in my absence. Thank you Wild and Sake, for commenting on articles when i need feedback. Sandy, thank you for helping whenever you can. Mewt, i know you arent very active, but i want to thank you for giving your all to help the wiki thrive. And, Salem, thank you for helping when you have time. And, to all my friends like Wolf or Coropal Hart, your contributions are noted and i thank you for them profusley. I hope that we continue to grow and lean on these three things: Faith, Hope and Love, but the Greatest of these is love!  Let us also lean on friendship mates, we are a ship family! Let us build a large community that is thrilled to discuss ships and their beliefs without penalty. Yours sincerley, Wedgeback (talk) 14:50, May 25, 2013 (UTC)Wedgeback
PS: Contact me or my administrator's by our talk pages if improvments are needed
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