Wedgeback did not get to go see this Tall Ship Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin. However, I (Wedgeback) was able to obtain a list of which ships were there from August 16th-18th 2013.

1. Appledore IV-schooner. Wedgeback saw this ship at the 2006 Tall ships festival.

2. Us Brig Niagara-brig. Wedgeback saw this one in 2006.

3. Halie and Matthew-schooner.

4. Hindu-schooner.

5. Peacemaker-barkentine.

6. S.S. Sorlandet-clipper ship.

7. S/V Denis Sullivan-schooner, I, Wedge saw this one in 2006.

8. STV Unicorn-schooner, I, Wedge saw this one in 2006.

9. Windy I-schooner.

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