A down easter.


She was built in 1881 and was 229 feet long. She crossed skysails on all 3 masts.


This ship was one of 12 down easters built in 1881 alone. For 10 years, this ship sailed between New york, San francisco, and Liverpool, England (where Brian Jaques, redwall author lived). In 1892, she was put into trade. She was loaded with oil fot he orient. Other times, she would be loaded with coal for Hawaii. In 1902, she was sold and sailed between the northwest pacific and australia carrying coal. In 1912, she was purchased. She was then used for carrying salmon. On October 18th 1918, she was enroute to seattle and was rammed iby a Japanesse steamer. She sank 40 fathoms (240 feet) deep.

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