This is the Admins and Chat mods page, where you can see the active, semi active, inactive and no longer active users can be seen, and who you can and canot contact whenever you need an Administrator.

Meaning of Colors.

All Active Administrators are (green) All Semi Active Administrators are (orange) All Inactive Administrators are (red) All No Longer Active Administrators are (Navy) All Administrators who are away on vacation are (purple)


They are wise. Listen to them, learn from them, and together work with them to keep this Wiki running in a friendly and caring environment.

  1. Head, first in charge, Admiral of the Wiki and Rules Trial Judge Admin Wedge (active)
  2. Second in charge, rules prosecutor and violator finder, and head when Wedgeback (talk) 14:55, May 25, 2013 (UTC)Wedge is away and Admin, Niko (Active)
  3. volunteer Admin. Mewt (no longer active)
  4. Average Admin Ariyh (inactive)
  5. Average Admin, when free Salem (no longer active)
  6. Average Admin, occasional assistant Biggren (No longer Active)
  7. Average Admin, and helper The Bluestriped Badger (Semi Active)
  8. Average Admin and valuable editing assistant Sandy (Active)
  9. Average Admin and feedback helper Wild (Active)
  10. Average Admin Malurax (No Longer Active)
  11. Average Admin Lord Rose Thorn (No Longer Active)
  12. Average Admin Cryogenos (No Longer Active)
  13. Average Admin Thundereyes (No Longer Active)
  14. Assistant Admin and Fill in when someone is away for a extended absence User:The Darkwolf (no longer active)

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