This is a page for the guidelines of requesting adminship. It is up to Niko Banks and Wedgeback to decide who will become an admin, but this page is to help concentrate all requests for adminship.

Admin Guidelines

As an admin, you agree not to:

1. Abuse your powers, or ban other users unnecessarily.

2. Use your power to prove yourself superior to others.

3. Edit war.

4. Break the rules EVER.

5. Be inactive for long periods of time without a legitimate reason (funerals, school work, dengue fever, coma, college, depression, internet ban, parental bans, etc).

If you break these guidelines, adminship will be revoked IMMEDIATELY (rule #5 is a lesser rule, so the chances of revoked adminship are lowered substantially). It is up to Wedgeback and Niko to decide whether you broke the rules.


Little, badly-written requests will be ignored. ("Can I become an admin?") You need reasons to support why you can be an admin. Do you have a nose for trolls? Do you manage a wiki well?

You must have 30+ edits and 100+ achievement points to become an admin.

Be active! If you remain inactive for too long, Wedge will decide whether or not you may retain your adminship.

Note: Inactivity will not/never result in a wiki ban, you are always welcome here.

Where to Leave Your Request

Leave your request in the comments. Please refrain from commenting on this page unless it is a request.

Have a nice day!

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