Date of launch 1847
Place of launch Trenton
Type 2-masted wooden schooner
GRT 220
Length 32.2 m (105.7 ft)
Beam 7.7 m (25.4 ft)
Draft 2.8 m (9.4 ft)
  • 1847 
    Built in Trenton
  • 19 June 1864 
    Capsized in a storm off the shores of Chambers Island.
  • 29 July 1969 
    Frank Hoffman lifted the vessel from the bottom, in remarkably good condition.
  • 1987 
    With no funds to preserve the vessel, Hoffman sold her to a group of local investors.
  • 1994 
    The Alvin Clark, having decayed beyond hope of restoration, was demolished by a bulldozer.

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