A schooner/sloop.


This ship was built in 1787 or so. She was 23 feet long and had 2 masts with lateen sails or square sails, depending on the weather. She could only have 1 mast set if need be due to weather.

Bounty MutinyEdit

The launch was used in the infamous mutiny on the bounty. On April 28, 1789, Captain W. Bligh of the Bounty and 19 crew were cast adrift in this small boat. They had 28 gallons of water, 5 wine bottles, 4 quarts of rum, 150 pounds of biscuits/bread, 20 pounds of pork. They also received a sextant and 4 cutlasses. The launch eventually reached the Island of Timor in 43 days, a 3,600 mile journey. What happened to the launch afterwards is unknown but it was probably scrapped.

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