A clipper ship that had a lot of issues in her life.


Built in 1851, and had a smoking room and library. Rather handsome, her first passage was 103 days from Connecticut to San Francisco. Sailed from New York in 1852, and arrived in San Francisco in 112 days.  In 1853 she set a record when she sailed from San Francisco to New York in 76 days, 7 hours.  In 1854, she was sent from Liverpool to Hong Kong, arriving in 83 days and 21 hours. In 1857, she sailed 142 days to San Francisco from New York. In 1859, she made a 113 day passage to San Francisco from New York. In 1860, she made another run out from the same port to San Francisco, this time in 139 days. It took 25 days to get around Cape Horn in a hurricane, and lost a full suit of sails and sprung her mainmast.

In 1862, she was sold and renamed: Fiery Star. She was wrecked partly by fire in 1865.

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