Cora F Cressy-01

A schooner, the 5 masted Cora F. Creesy


Yuck! Her wreck

52ae launch

The Cora F. Creesy in 1902 with all sails set

The Cora F. Cressey was a magnificent 5-masted schooner of 273 feet in length. I have gathered scraps of information about this schooner to explain to you about her. She was built in 1902. Compared to some of the other schooners with more than 3 masts, she was a fast and great sailer. She survived a gale in 1924 that claimed 2 other schooners, including the 6 master-Wyoming. She gained a good reputation with her good sailing quality and seaworthiness. Cora F. Cressey was ran aground on the coast of Maine in 1928.

Her last working voyage was carrying coal to the Maine Central Railroad from Virginia. Half the load to Portland, the other half to Bangor. Captain John Brown (Dutton Street) of Bangor and his sons Frank D. and Horace among the crew. I have pictures in Penobscot Bay after the storm after they left Portland, appears to be 4 masts because #5 is just the stick. Last 5 mast schooner to Bangor. Frank Brown, son of Captain John, told that after the storm they had 15 feet of water in the hold with the coal; pumps would not keep up during the storm. They were assisted into Portland by the Coast Guard. After unloading part of the coal and some repairs they completed the trip to Bangor. After that the Cressey became the night club.

(The Browns also had the barge Edith, the limited remains of which are in Frankfort, Maine at the granite quarry. People have ascribed the Edith to have been a pirate ship etc. The fact is she was a granite barge that was left on shore in the depression because of no work.){}

For 9 years, she was used as a nightclub that built over her upper decks. Then, in 1937, the nightclub broke up. The ship was scuttled in the bay. Her hulk is still able to be seen on the coast.