Date of launch 1877
Place of launch Liverpool
Type 3-masted iron barque
GRT 1103
NRT 999
Length 61.0 m (200.1 ft)
Beam 10.8 m (35.3 ft)
Draft 6.4 m (21.2 ft)

Later names: Gladbrook (1918)

  • 1877 
    Built of iron by R. & J. Ewans & Co., Liverpool for Thomas Williams & Co., Liverpool. She was rigged as a three-masted barque carrying royals over single topgallant sails.
  • April 1905 
    Sold to W. Gustafsson and O. Pettersson, Mariehamn.
  • 1910 
    Lost rigging near New Zealand but managed to reach Wellington. Sold and used as a barge.
  • 1918 
    Rigged up and renamed Gladbrook.
  • 1924 
    Laid up, derigged and used as hulk in Suva, later in Auckland.


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