County of Haddigton

A 4 masted iron ship built in 1878 and rigged with double and single topgallant sails. She was the sister ship to the vessels County of Aberdeen and the County of Selkirk.

Description and Life

The County of Haddington was a 4 masted iron ship built in Scotland in 1879, she was 280' 3" long with a 40' 4" beam and was 1,943 GRT. She sailed under the same name for twenty-years and was still in service in the new century. On February 2, 1901 she left New York for Shanghai, China, somewhere on the way Neptune reached up from the depths and pulled her down, she was never seen again. She was removed from the insurance lists in Oct. 1901.

Life TimelineEdit

1878 November
Launched at the shipyard of Barclay, Curle & Co., Glasgow, for R. & J. Craig, Glasgow. The first master was Captain Scott. Used in the jute trade.
1901 February 2
Disappeared after having left New York for Shanghai

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