Date of launch 1884
Place of launch Barrow
Type 4-masted steel barque
NRT 2057
Length -
Beam -
Draft -
  • 1884 
    Built in Barrow.
  • 1885 
  • The Earl of Chatham was an iron barque built by the Barrow Shipbuilding Company, yard no. 127. She was launched on the 20th November 1884. Like the Earl of Jersey, she had been built for David Brown's Earl Line. She made only one voyage, departing Cardiff in January 1885 for Rangoon, then returning to Liverpool, arriving September 1885.

The Earl of Chatham departed Liverpool under tow on Sunday, 4th October 1885, with a cargo of 3011 tons of salt, and was bound for Elephant Point, Hoogley River (Calcutta). In Holyhead Bay the tow rope broke and the barque grounded off Amlwch on the following day, about one mile east from Carmel Point. The vessel filled with water, but the crew were all saved by the tug. Initial hopes of raising the vessel were dashed by the weather, and the Earl of Chatham became a total wreck in the gales of 13th October. Some materials were salvaged and subsequently auctioned at Liverpool.

Year Built
Gross Tons
Length (feet)
Breadth (feet)
Depth (feet)
Lloyd's Classn.
Earl of Chatham

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