The Edwin Forrest was a clipper ship built in 1853. She was 186 feet long, and her figurehead was the popular actor for which the ship was named.

History Edit

On her first voyage. which began on December 4, 1853, she made a 28 day passage from New York to Harve, France, returning to New York in 29 days. Then she was sent to Australia and Calcutta and was at sea for 106 days from there to London. Then she went to Calcutta directly from New York and arrived at London thereafter in 98 days. She returned to New York and sailed to San Francisco in 132 days. She sailed from there to Chile in 50 days, and sailed to Callao in 64 days from there. She arrived in 1858 in San Francisco in 133 days from New York, and then sailed for 57 days to Melbourne. From there she sailed to Calcutta, and made a 102 days run from there. From 1859 to 1860 she made a run from New York to China, and sailed from New York in 1860 and vanished without a trace being ever found of her.

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