Clipper ship. 

One heck of a lifeEdit

Built in 1852. Her maiden voyage was a fiasco.4 days out, she was met by a squall and dismasted. Her boats were crushed.  She drifted for 22 days, in grave danger of sinking. She was towed finally after 24 days of drifting and reparied with the facalties in the small ship yard. Her rescuer recieved 1000 dollars fro salvage and rescue, and her captain recieved 500 for awesome seamanship. The voyage resumed in August 1853. The intial captain was sick, and tcommand transfered. Her main topgallant mast was destroyed and her main topmast was sprung on this trip in heavy gales. Finally arrived, at San Fran after 143 days. In 1855, she set out from new york and reached San Fran in 136 days. She suffered more mishap on this trip. All 3 topgallant masts were cut away to save the ship in a force 11 storm and lost her steering wheel. Stump masts were rigged and reached san fran in 43 days after crossing the equator. She saild for batvia that november and the next day, dismasted again, dragging onto a reef. She was sold in 1856, a shattered mess, and was repaired. She was renamed Wings of the Wind that autumn, and afterwards passes into the mist of history.

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