The Golden Light was built in Boston in 1852. She was 167 feet and a half in length. Her figurehead was of a golden hand grasping a flaming torch. Under command of Captain Charles Windsor she set sail for San Francisco, from Boston on February 12th 1853. On the 22nd, at midnight ant 22 23 North, 47 45 West, she was hit by lightning and burst into flames. Her crew abandoned her, and by Midnight of the 23rd she was totally ashes. 35 people in 5 boats, well provisioned, were told to steer Southwest and keep together. On the morning of February 24th, 1 boat went missing and and By the 27th, another was missing. 3 of the boats were picked up by a British ship on February 28th and taken to Boston. The 4th boat reached Antigua on March 5th on March 5th. But, the 5th boat was never found or seen again, lost without a trace. The Golden Light was valued at $288,000.

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