21 hmhs britannic

The Britannic sinking hard by the bow

The H.M.H.S. Britannic was the sister ship of the ill fated ship, the Titanic. She was built in 1914 originally as an ocean luxury liner by the White Star Line. She had 37 lifeboats, 17 more than the Titanic. The Britannic's lifeboat davits could hold six boats at once and up to four could be stored in other places. She could still stay afloat if five watertight compartments were flooded. She was converted into a liner/ hospital ship in 1915 due to a shortage in WWI. Her last voyage was only 1 year away. After five good voyages, Britannic set out on her final voyage in 1916. She was held back at Naples until November 16th and then set sail. On November 21, 1916, at 8:12 a.m., the disaster happened. A massive explosion rocked the ship. Orders were given to abandon ship after the Captain realized the ship was doomed. Two boats were launched without permission however, and 30 were killed by the suction of the propellers. All the lifeboats were launched in haste, but all except the unfortunate 30 people that were mentioned survived. The Britannic sank in just 55 minutes, 105 minutes shorter than the time the Titanic took to sink. The survivors were rescued by tugs. the wreck has been found and their have been many studies on it. The cause of her sinking was most probably a land mine under the sea floor. May she rest in peace!