300px-HMS Sirius

The Sirius wrecked on a Coral shoal bank

The H.M.S. Sirius was a 36 gun frigate of the Royal Navy built in 1797 and was 148 feet long. During the French Revolution, Sirius took part in the capture of Dutch and French ships. She played a key role in the capture of two French ships during the Napoleonic wars before the year of Trafalgar arrived. H.M.S. Sirius was dispatched to join Nelson's fleet as a message carrier and signal frigate. She joined Nelson's flotilla before the day of the battle: October 21st, 1805, arriving on October 13th. She may have fought a little, but no records of her fighting have been found to date. It is highly unlikely that she fought because of her small size and armament compared to other ships. For a few more years after Trafalgar under Captain William Prowse, she captured more French vessels until tragedy struck. On August 24th 1810, during a battle she ran ashore on a shoal near France's coasts. Attempts to take her off failed, and her crew was taken off.  She was burned and scuttled the following morning. These days, not much of her remains. Many of her cannons have been removed and only a few pieces are left. She lies 100 feet deep and is a popular diving site.