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The Superb's naval ensign

The H.M.S. Superb was a 74 gun 182 foot long 3rd rate ship of the line in the Royal Navy of England. She was unable to arrive at Trafalgar in time for the battle. She was built in 1798. At the battle of Algercias bay in 1801, her famous captain Richard Keats raked two 112 gun ships of the Spanish Navy called the Real Carlos and the San Hermeldigo. Then, night fell and the the 2 Spanish ships attacked each other, confusing each other for British ships. The Real Carlos exploded after catching on fire a few moments later after the two ships tangled in the rigging. The San H. caught on fire as well and blew apart. Unscathed, the Superb attacked a 74 gun French ship called the St. Antoine and traded broadsides with her breifly. Besides narrowly missing out in the battle of Trafalgar, she was an admiral's flagship in 1806 at the battle of Santo Domingo. The H.M.S. Superb was broken up at age 28 in 1826.