HMS Endymion (1797)

The Endymion

Endymion was a frigate with 40 armed guns. She was built in 1797. This vessel fought valiantly and fought the USS President in 1815. She won, defeating it after a 3 hour sea battle. She too sadly missed The Battle of Trafalgar Trafalgar, albeit narrowly, and joined Nelson's fleet on September 15th 1805. On October 3rd 1805, she along with the 6 ships that missed Trafalgar was ordered to Gibraltar to pick up more supplies. The small squadron reached Trafalgar on the 22nd of October after getting supplies, narrowly missing the battle by one day. Even if she had been at the battle, it is doubtful that she would have done much, except relay messages or fly signal flags to alert other ships. But, her 40 guns would likley have made her a formidable opponent. She was eventually broken up in 1868 after 71 years of service.

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