Hallowe’en was an iron clipper ship with a tonnage of 920 tons. She was built in 1870 by Maudslay, Son & Field at Greenwich for John "Jock" "White Hat" Willis, and was a sister ship to Blackadder.

Due to faults in Blackadder, which caused dismasting on her maiden voyage, Hallowe’en was not handed over to Willis for nearly 18 months after her launch due to protracted legal action.

Record passage from China to London[edit]Edit

In 1874, Hallowe’en sailed from Shanghai to London with a cargo of tea in 91 days, a record time, arriving Jan. 20, 1875.

Hallowe’en was fast in light airs and recorded many fast passages from China. In 1887 she was on passage from Foochow loaded with tea and was wrecked off Salcombe.

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