An iron fullrigged ship built in 1878 by T. Royden & Son, Liverpool. Dimensions: 232'6"×37'9"×22'7" and tonnage: 1489 GRT, 1428 NRT and 1357 tons under deck.

1878 April
Launched at the shipyard of T. Royden & Son, Liverpool, for Greenshields, Cowie & Co., Liverpool. Assigned the official British Reg. No. 78782 and signal SLWT. Employed in the Indian jute trade.
Captain Vanstone was given command of the ship.
Sold to Gabriel Granlund, Raumo, Finland, and was renamed Hoppet. The Finnish measurements were 1489 GRT and 1365 NRT. Captain F.W. Tork was given command of the vessel.
Sold to owners at Arendal, Norway, and was renamed Novo.
Sold to owners at Lillesand.
Sold to owners in Argentina and was renamed Don Diego.
Later registered in Bolivia.
Sailed to Nantes after having been laid up for several years.
Broken up.

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