Date of launch 18 April 1904
Place of launch Port Glasgow
Type 4-masted steel barque
GRT 3109
NRT 2875
DWT 5300
Length 102.2 m (335.2 ft)
Beam 14.3 m (46.9 ft)
Draft 8.1 m (26.6 ft)

Later names: Dreadnought (1917), Moshulu (1917)

  • 18 April 1904 
    Built of steel by Alex. Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow, for G.J.H. Siemens & Co., Hamburg. She was given the name Kurt and was rigged as a four-masted barque carrying royals over double topgallant sails.
  • 1917 
    Confiscated by the USA and renamed the Dreadnought, but soon thereafter renamed the Moshulu when it was discovered that there was another Dreadnought in the USA.
  • 1935 
    Bought by Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn and put on the Australian wheat trade. At the time she was the largest sailing vessel in Finland.
  • 1939 
    Won the last big Grain Race.
  • 1940 
    Taken over by the Germans and towed to Kristiansand, Norway, where she was laid up and partially de-rigged.
  • 1947 
    Sold to Gisken Jakobsen and J.P. Skotnes, Andenes.
  • 1948 
    Towed to Narvik and later to Bergen, then bought by Trygve Sommerfeldt, Oslo. The same year towed to Stockholm to be used as grain storage.
  • 1952 
    Sold to Heinz Schlieven, Hamburg, who planned to use her as a cargo-carrying schoolship. However, this never happened.
  • 1953 
    Towed back to Stockholm and used as grain storage.
  • 1961 
    Sold to the Finnish Government and used as grain storage in Naantali.
  • 1970 
    Sold to the Walt Disney Company, who towed her to Amsterdam to fit her out to be towed across the Atlantic.
  • 1972 
    Towed to South Street Seaport, New York and was rigged up with phoney masts and yards.
  • 1974 
    Arrived in Philadelphia and served as a restaurant ship.
  • 1989 
    The restaurant was closed because of a fire in the galley. Money to restore her to sailing condition was raised, but the plans were abandoned and the restaurant reopened.


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