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The Matthew, in replica form

The Matthew is a famous ship. She was used in John Cabot's voyage to Newfoundland in 1497.

Description and LifeEdit

The Matthew is obcure before 1497. She was possibly built in 1493. She also could have been captured and renamed. The Matthew was a small merchant ship based in Bristol, England. She was 3 masted and was only around 80 feet in length. she displaced 50 gross tons. She could hold a captain and 19 crew. Aside from John cabot's voyage to Newfoundland, she is referenced in english ship records as late 1511. However, in 1513, she was probably broken up. 


A replica was built in 1996 and she starred as the Dawn treader in the blockbuster narnia movie: The Voyage of The dawn Treader

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