Date of launch 1892
Place of launch Glasgow
Type 4-masted steel barque
GRT 2824
NRT 2647
DWT 4400
Length 102.4 m (336.1 ft)
Beam 13.5 m (44.3 ft)
Draft 7.5 m (24.5 ft)

Later names: Caledonia (1922), Olivebank (1924)

  • 1892 
    Built of steel by Mackie & Thompson, Glasgow for Andrew Weir & Co., Glasgow. She was rigged as a four-masted barque carrying royals over double topgallant sails.
  • 1913 
    Sold to Stavanger, Norway.
  • 1922 
    Sold to J. Lorentzen, Kristiania and renamed the Caledonia.
  • 1924 
    Sold to Gustaf Erikson, Mariehamn who put her on the Australian wheat trade and gave her back the name Olivebank.
  • 8 September 1939 
    Struck by a mine in the North Sea on her outward voyage. Of the 21 men in the crew fourteen lost their lives, including Captain Carl Granith. The others were rescued two days later by the Danish fishing cutter Talona.


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