The Peter Rickmers

Peter Rickmers - SLV H99.220-4007

Peter Rickmers in all her glory

Peter RickmersEdit

A four-masted steel barque built in 1889 by Russel & Co., Port Glasgow. Dimensions 101,29×13,56×7,77 meters [332'0"×44'4"×25'4"] and tonnage 2926 GRT and 2751 NRT. Rigged with royals and skysails over double top- and top-gallant sails.

Hence follows a pic or two

1889 October
Launched at the shipyard of Russel & Co., Port Glasgow, for Rickmers Reismühlen, Rhederei und Schiffbau AG, Bremerhaven. Assigned the German identification signal ____.
In command of Captain Hans Andresen.
Sailed from Astoria, OR, to Plymouth in 113 days.
In command of Captain Emil Berg.
1894 February — May
Sailed from Cardiff to Singapore in 84 days.
In command of Captain J.H. Westermeyer.
In command of Captain Paul Schober.
In command of Captain August Walsen.
In command of Captain Edwin R.W. Nauschütz.
In command of Captain H. Bandelin [?].
In command of Captain Heinrich Plate.
1906 June 6
Sailed from [?] Rangoon for Bremerhaven with a cargo of rice.
1906 October 29
Sank the Herman in a collision off Dover. Was brought to Vlissingen for repairs.
In command of Captain George Bachmann.
1908 April 30
Stranded on the sand banks west of Fire Island at Jones Inlet, New York. A picture of the wreck is available from the Long Island Wreck Site.
1908 May 19
Destroyed when the remaining 95.000 cases of oil caught fire.

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