A 4 masted ship built in 1885, and was 258 feet long. She carried double topsails, single top-gallants and royal sails. She was re-rigged as a 4 masted barque in 1890 and sailed from Astoria Oregon to Queensland Australia in 88 days in 1895. In 1898 she sailed from Cardiff to Chile in 74 days. On May 4th 1905 she left Peru for the Netherlands with 2,600 tons of nitrate. On May 13th, at 23 degrees 30 minutes South, 22 degrees 5 minutes West she was last seen under force 4 wind canvas, in other words, the topgallants and royals furled. After she sailed into oblivion and was never seen again, she vanished without a trace. However, later on around December, wreckage was found from the ship off Cape Horn, which is where she probably sank or vanished.

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