This is an RPG, which means role-playing game. Those that hail from the Redwall Wars wiki will know how to role play.


Privateers and pirates scour the seven seas. They have different goals. The privateers capture Spanish gold for Her Majesty, while pirates answer only to their leader—the outlaw captain. But both attack ships and plunder. Grasp the riches in your filthy hands, strike down your opposition, and make your mark on the Seven Seas!


Pirate: You attack merchant ships (or other pirate ships), steal their booty and goods, and make your living as an outlaw. You will be captain of the ship of your choice, with a standard crew.

Privateer: Same role as pirate, except you only attack Spanish ships and plunder the gold. You are respected by Her Majesty and you are not an outlaw.

Innocent: Whether you are a fisherman in a sixareen or a recreational sailor in a sailboat, watch out for pirates! If you report them to mainland authorities, you will be rewarded handsomely. But of course, pirates are ruthless...and they have swords.

Merchant: You bring goods from one place to another. You will be given jobs by other people (which will be controlled by "the God".). Watch out for pirates, you have little chance of outrunning them.


Players may interact with one another if it fits the plot and rules. If not, an unseen "God" (the driver of events) will set off events to interact with you. Say, a temporary imaginary character, or a storm, or a shipwreck full of buried treasure.


1. Adhere to this wiki's protocol.

2. Be nice while playing.

3. You may choose your own ship, but it must suit your role. Innocents are not likely to travel in huge ships, and pirates do not plunder when they are stuffed into sixareens.

4. Play fairly and within the limitations of your character. You may not summon tempests to upset your enemy's ship.

5. If you choose a ship, adhere to the limitations of that ship. If you choose a schooner, you can't hold that much booty. On the bright side, you can escape enemies quickly.

6. Submit your character profile first. Include your name, role, ship, home, and desire. Wait for approval before you start playing.

7. You always start out at home. You must leave a comment thart says ({Insert name} has set out to sea) if you desire to set sail.

That's it folks! Have a fun time playing, argh!

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