A five-masted aux. steel barque built in 1906 by AG Rickmers, Bremerhaven. Her dimensions were: 125,08×16,30×9,24 m [410'5"×53'6"×30'4"] and tonnage: 5548 GRT and 4696 NRT. Equipped with a 1160 hp auxiliary steam engine. 1906 February 8 Launched at the shipyard of AG Rickmers, Bremerhaven, for Rickmers Reismühlen, Reederei und Schiffbau AG, Bremerhaven. Assigned the German signal QJCG [QJGC?]. The first master was Captain August Walsen.

1906 Sailed from New York to Saigon in 83 days.

1911 April 13 - May 17 Sailed from San Francisco to Newcastle, NSW, in 34 days.

1911 Sailed from Taltal to Hamburg in 57 days.

1914 Sailed from Vladivostock to Hull in 98 days.

1914 Arrived at Cardiff where she was confiscated by the British Government. She was later renamed Neath. 1917 March 27 Sunk by the German submarine U 66 off the coast of Ireland some 28 miles StE off Fastnet.


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