The first extreme clipper ship.


The Rainbow was described as a sleek, fast ship. She was built in 1845, and was 159 feet long.


The Rainbow made a total of 4 voyages, and a 5th in which she vanished. She sailed from New York to Hong Kong. Then, she returned to New York by way of Whampoa.


On March 17th 1848, the Rainbow left on her 5th voyage. She vanished without a trace. It was guessed that she sank off Cape Horn but, heck, who knows really?


  • 21 January 1845 
    Designed by John Willis Griffith and built of wood by Smith & Dimon, New York for Howland & Aspinwall, New York, to be used for trading with Kanton. She was rigged as a three-masted full-rigged ship carrying royals over single top- and topgallant sails. She is commonly regarded as the first true clipper ship.
  • 1846 
    Sailed from Macao to New York in 79 days under Captain John Land.
  • 1848 
    Disappeared with everybody on board in the vicinity of Cape Horn, on a voyage from New York to Valparaiso.

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