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Jaques's funereal on March 9th 2011 in Liverpool Cathedral

Martin II wept as Brian Jaques's casket was brought into great hall. "It was so quick and unexpected" he moaned. Nikolai Banks entered the room and was followed by Cluny and Salem the Cruel. "Aye, mate, it was" Cluny replied harshly. Salem and Nikolai only wept. All heroes and villains were arriving to pay their last respects to Jaques. Slagar arrived and laid his bolas on the coffin as Matthias entered the room. "We will never forget you warrior," Matthias intoned as Constance badger, Ferhago the assasin and Old Methusela entered the room, weeping loudly. Then came in Wedgeback moaning, "I loved him and his works" In came little Vitch choking back a sob as Skalrag the fox tried to comfort the grief-stricken rat. "I say, he was a good old chap" choked Basil Stag Hare and Cheek the otter. Even Stonefleck and Asmodeus rasped, "He will be missed dearly". Laterose of Noonvale rushed from the room blinded by grief as Sunflash the mace and Swartt 6-claw entred with the long patrol and Swartt's army, followed by Badrang the tyrant and Slagar's other slavers. "He was a good soul" Vizka Longtooth and Mattimeo whispered. Young Juniper and Felldoh stepped forward and began the service, Juniper spoke 1st, " We gather to mourn the loss of our dear freind, who has been called to Dark Forest gates" Felldoh responded, " Badrang, Felch, Sawney and Taggerung, will you say a few words?" Felch choked out, " If it weren't for Jaques, i'd have lost my hide" Sawney chuckled softly and said, "Redwallers and villains, I am old, crafty and weak but Jaques gave me a kinder heart than some villains" Holding up a timid paw, Tsarmania and Ashleg sang, "Jaques, Jaques, freind of us, Jaques we will not forget you" Afterwards, Brocktree, Ashleg, Cluny and Martin II took the casket to St. Ninian's cemetery. A choir of Bane, Timbstallo, Celladine, Ballaw, Darkclaw and Scragg the Weasel sang the hymn, "Nearer My God To Thee as Cluny stepped forward. "Jaques, as we lay you to rest, I ask that Sela the Vixen would say a last prayer" Sela whispered softly, "Rest in dark forest, friend" Then, Cheek choked back tears as he closed the casket. As evreyone dispersed, Foremole, his team and Martin the Warrior filled in the grave with dirt 5 feet high and placed the tombstone of a mouse on it with the words: Brian Jaques, a freind to all. This fan-fic is dedicated to Brian Jaques, may his memory live on.

Wedgeback the Christian