Reliance (ship, 1884) - SLV H27568-175

Another view of Reliance on fire


Reliance in full splendor

Reliance was a 4 masted clipper ship.


Reliance was 304 foot long. She had 4 masts with royal and skysails over double topgallants


1884 January
Launched at the shipyard of W.H. Potter & Sons, Liverpool for C.W. Corsar, Liverpool, but managed by W.T. Dixon & Sons, Liverpool. Captain J. English was given command of the ship.
C.W. Corsar took over management of the ship.
Caught fire and was burnt out during loading of saltpetre at Iquique.

1907 S. Soler, Valparaiso, bought the burnt out hull from the underwriters and rebuilt the ship and renamed her Ricard de Sloer. Captain M. D'Angelo.

1917 Sold to J. Laguna, Barcelona, and was renamed Iberia. Captain E. Torner. 1

919 Sold to D. Mumburu, and was renamed Antonia Mumburu.

1924 Broken up.


Reliance in a fiery wreck

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