Wooden tea clipper built in 1856 by Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen, at a cost of £21.655. Dimensions: 204'0"×35'3"×21'0" and tonnage: 1185 tons OM, 853 tons, and 776 tons under deck.

Robin Hood was a tea clipper built by Alexander Hall and Sons, in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1856. The ship’s best known commander was Capt. Cobb.  The ship is remembered for a 107 day passage to San Francisco

Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Hall & Sons, Aberdeen, for James Beazley. Captain George Cobb.
1857 August 6 - November 30
Sailed from Shanghai to London in 116 days. Captain G. Cobb.
1858 September 9 - December 17
Sailed from Foochow to London in 99 days with 1.032.660 lbs of tea. Captain G. Cobb.
Sailed from Scilly Island to Hong Kong in 102 days.
1859 October 1 - London 16
Sailed from Whampoa to London in 107 days. Captain G. Cobb.
1860 July 19 - November 20
Sailed from Foochow to London in 124 days. Captain G. Cobb.
1861 June 14 - October 14
Sailed from Foochow to Liverpool in 122 days. Captain G. Cobb.
1862 May 29 - October 13
Sailed from Foochow to London in 137 days. Captain J. Mann.
1863 June 4 - October 4
Sailed from Foochow to London in 122 days. Captain J. Mann.
1864 June 6 - October 6
Sailed from Foochow to London in 122 days. Captain J. Darlington.
1864 November 22
Sunk off Dungeness in a collision with the ship Spirit of Ocean.

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