Addie M. Lawrence, a 6 masted schooner

 Over the 1800's and into the 1900's, sailing schooners were expanded from the normal 2 masts to as many as 7.

2 Masted SchoonersEdit

Too numerous to estimate how many were built, came about in 1700.

Three Masted SchoonersEdit

The 3 masted schooner was a very common rig in the schooner mast expansion project. They were also called tern schooners. At least 311 were built. The first appeared in 1800.

Sunbeam I

Sunbeam II

Dennis Sullivan

The Christmas Ship (Rouse Simmons)

Four Masted SchoonersEdit

The four masted schooner was fairly popular. The first one was built in 1864. About 130 were built.


Five Masted SchoonersEdit

This rig was pretty popular. 144 were built.

Cora F. Cressey- A 5 masted beauty

David Dows

6 Masted SchoonersEdit

Realitively Popular, though only 10 were made.

Whyoming-The last 6 masted Schooner

Addie M. Lawrence

7 Masted SchoonersEdit

Only one was made, the Thomas W Lawson.

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