The brave band plays Nearer My God to thee in the 1997 film

This is cool. I have uncovered songs that were in the booklet of music that the valliant band of Titanic had. It will suit you to know the kinds of pieces in the book.


Numbers 1-15 were overtures

Numbers 16-80 were Selections

81-99 were Suites and Fantasies

Unknown numbers were Anthems and Hymns

100-148 were Waltzes

149-156 were Sacred Music

157-279 were Encartes and Intermezzos

And, unknown numbers were Marches, Polkas and Cake Walks


1. II Barbiered Sivlgia

2. Callvinga Rusticna

14. Shine on Harvest Moon

17. The Night Birds

21. the Choclate Soldier

22. Massnet's Thais

24. Raggin the Waves

27. Samson and Deliah

29. Aida

30 The Count of luxemborg

31. The Turkey Trot

35. Orphee Aux Enters

36. Butterfly

38. Stanchen

58. Carmen

64. The Mikado

67. Moonlight Bay

73. Tannhauser

81. Casse-Noisette

82. Peer Gynt

85. Faust

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