A tragedy of tragedies for clipper ships.


Built for Enoch Train and Co. in 1851 by Donald McKay for carrying passengers from Boston to Liverpool and back. Made a 102 days run from New York to San Francisco in 1852. Her figurehead was a witch dressed in pure white robes, with flowing long black hair. Her captain was Josiah Richardson, who had been in command of the clipper ship Stag Hound.

Tragedy StrikesEdit

On December 27th 1853, she was driven onto a reef and a rocky coast in a fierce gale. She had lost her foremast on Christmas Eve and thus on Captain Josiah Richardson's orders, all of her sails aside from a double reefed main topsail were furled. The ship began to sank quickly and the 2 lifeboats were loaded in frantic haste. The captain, who had been injured the day before in the gale, ordered the crew to let him be and load the boats with children and women. His final words to his crew: "If I am to be lost, God's will be done", and committed himself to his Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Just 44 people survived that tragic night, while 170 crossed the veil into eternity.

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