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Stag Hound



The Stag Hound was a clipper ship built in late 1850.


1851—Nearly dismasted on the way to California

1860—Mutiny takes place on board the ship

1861—Burns in fire at sea


She was built by Donald McKay for Sampson and Tappan and was his only true extreme clipper (bigger masts, etc.). The Stag Hound was built for the California trade with China and was briefly the largest merchant ship in the world. (This ship's built-in prowess was a result of the booming mercantile exchanges in the Pacific due to the Gold Rush and flourishing trade with China.) She could sail up to a speed of 17 knots and her best run was 358 miles in a day.

Her maiden voyage was run by Captain Josiah Richardson, taking 108 days from New York to San Francisco. Richardson was soon to captain the ill-fated clipper ship Staffordshire. Her 2nd trip made by Captain F. Behm took 124 days. Her 3rd trip took 127 days. The 4th run took 108 days, and her last passage to San Francisco took 121 days. She was sold to E and RW Sears in 1860, and captained by Captain Lowber. Captain Wilson took over 1 year later and held her to the end. On August 2, 1861, she burned in a fire at sea.