Replica of Susan Constant at anchor

The Susan Constant

The Susan Constant was galleon rigged and was about 116 feet. It is likely she was launched around 1604-1605. She was the flagship of the 3 ships under Capt. Christopher Newport that took the 105 male colonists to Jamestown during the 1606-1607 voyage. She returned to England in May of 1607. It is recorded that she served as a merchant ship through 1615. The Constant carried 71 colonists on board. Beyond that, nothing is known of the Susan Constant's fate. However, a reference probably written by Sir Walter Raleigh suggests the ship had a nickname: Sarah Constant. This idea is quickly becoming popular with more and more people.

The Godspeed

The Godspeed was basically a copy of the Susan Constant. She was built somewhere before 1606-1607, we don't know exactly when. She was described as a two-masted brigantine and about 68 feet long, but the length is a probable guess. On the voyage to Jamestown, she carried 39 of the 105 colonists and a crew of 13 sailors. The voyage, due to a long stop at the Canaries, took 144 long days. Beyond that, nothing is known of her.

The Discovery

We know a little bit more about the Discovery then the other two. She was just 20 feet long and was built sometime before 1602 or somewhere in there. We don't know who commanded her, how many crew or colnists were on here though. After the Jamestown settlement was established, Captain Newport returned to England, but left her behind for the colinists to use. She would later take part in 6 expeditions to find the Northwest Passage and became the ship Henry Hudson used on his mysterious last voyage where he was mutinied and set adrift. Afterwards, her fate is unknown.