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Model of the Santa Maria

The Nina

Nothing much is known of Nina except a few things. Her date of launch is unknown, but she was 70 feet long. She was armed with 4 small guns. She had a crew of 24 men and was commanded by Vincent Yanez Pinzon. She particapated in 3 out of the 4 voyages of Columbus. In 1499, she was sold and then made one last recorded voyage in 1500, before she vanished into legend. A accurate replica hads been built of her since then. She was a 4 masted square and latten rigged caravel.

The Pinta

She was built in 1441 and rebuilt for Columbus's 1st voyage. She was armed with 2 small cannons and had a crew of 26 and was 75 feet long. She was wrecked in 1502 on an Atlantic voyage. Her wreck has not been found yet, but maybe she has been found. As of 1981, a wreck near Portugal has been guessed to be the Pinta, expeditions to the wreck continue. She was a square rigged caravel.

The Santa Maria

The flagship of the 3 was built in 1490 or so. She was wrecked on Christmas Day of 1492. She was 100 feet long and was rigged as a carrack. Attempts to find her wreck have resulted in hoaxes or were futile. However, clues to where she lies have been found. Her anchor was discovered recently near Hispanola or modern day Haiti. People hope to find further clues of the wreck's traces.