The shipwreck of the Apostle Paul in the Holy Bible is a very interesting subject. It is mentioned in Acts 27 of the Holy Bible. The ship was probably a 2 masted ship, with a bowsprit that probably set a spritsail. It was a grain freighter, sailing from Israel to Crete, and then on to Rome with prisoners and cargo, carrying 276 souls. However, it never got that far. Enroute to Rome, a terrible storm, called the Nor'easter hit the ship. The storm forced the sailors to furl the mainsail, and ride before the storm. At some point on the 14th night of the storm, the sailors let down the lifeboat, lying to the others they were lowering anchors. Paul spotted this and said: "Unless these men stay with the ship, you can't be saved." The roman guards on board acted promptly and cut the boat free. At dawn, after the sailors had taken some food, they hoisted the foresail and made for the beaches of Malta in their battered vessel. Regrettably, they ran aground on a sandbar or reef, probably in what is now called St. Paul's Bay on the Malta coastline. The ship began to break apart, and everyone abandoned ship, clinging to parts of it. All 276 souls were saved in this shipwreck on the Apostle Paul's urging. To this day, Malta stands out in Europe as the 1st nation to embrace Christianity, and have a biblical shipwreck somewhere in it's bay.


There is some confusion among Bible translations whether the foresail or the mainsail was hoisted. The mainsail was probably furled due to the storm, or had been ripped to shreds. Therefore, the foresail would be hoisted to help the ship move easier.

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