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300px-Brig Niagara full sail

Replica of Niagra with all sails set

The brig is a fantastic vessel to study. She has 2 masts, both square rigged. The mainmast is the higher mast. For increased stabilty, she has a spanker at the back of the mainmast. On the foremast and mainmast, there is occasionally a trysail. Usually, on the foremast there is a foresail, topsail, topgallant and foreroyal. There are jibs on the bowsprit as well. They are the forestaysail, jib and flying jib. Between the masts, there are sevral staysails. Brigs can be 75 to 185 feet in length. They are mostly made of pine wood.


There are 2 fictitious brigs that I will possibly use in a story called "The battle of the fleets"

Technical Definitions

A brig is a two-masted vessel with both masts square rigged. On the aft mast, the main mast, there is also a gaff sail, in some languages referred to as the brig sail but in English often called the spanker.

Some brigs have the gaff sail rigged on a separate mast just a bit astern of the main mast. This mast is called the snow mast, and such a brig is called asnow brig.

The brig with her two fully squared rigged masts possessed some unique sailing qualities, and a skilled master could manouver her with great ease and elegance; a brig could for instance turn around almost on the spot!

Brigs that are currently in service include the Astrid and the Royalist.