The Infamy

The Infamy; from the back

The Infamy was a well-known Corsair ship that sailed across the western sea. Its captain was the avaricious pine marten, Zarel Longblade. Needing transporation for an escape to Sampetra, the Infamy was captured by Vilaya the Sable Quean and her horde, The Bloodfangs during the summer of the Early Cowslip. They massacred everyone aboard except for old Wolfeye, the stoat navigator.

The Infamy then arrived at Sampetra and stayed there, intended to be the Bloodfang's mode of transportation back to Mossflower but this never was. The Bloodfangs were defeated by a band of goodbeast rebels called the S.R.A.V.A.N. Drake, Nitram and Ambry, three Mossflower creatures who had been prophesized as the island's salvation, sailed back on the Infamy with Shawn, the former leader of the S.R.A.V.A.N. they renamed it the Autumn-Rose; and it eventually became a very well-known passenger ship.