A painting of the Thomas W. Lawson

Ha-Ha? Funny Title eh? Well, this is about the naming debate. To be specific, the names of the awesome schooner Thomas W Lawson's 7 masts have been a contrversy filled and fun thing to do. I'll list some ideas I found here: and then you can make your own in the comments if you like. I'll voice my opinion of each idea as well.

Orignal Sail PlanEdit

No.1,No.2, No.3,No.4,No.5,No.6 and No.7

My OpnionEdit

Clever, simple, but not nautical at all

Axel Larson, museum ownerEdit

Sane thing except Number 7 is renamed Spanker Mast

My OpnionEdit

Good idea on naming 7th mast Spnaker Mast but still not very nautical.

At launchEdit

Fore, Main, Mizzen, Spanker, Jigger, Driver and Pusher

My OpinionEdit

Good idea, but i disagree on the name of mast number 5

After launchEdit

Forecastle, Fore, Main, Mizzen, Jigger, Spanker, After

My OpinionEdit

Too Confusing

Captain Frank PetersonEdit

Fore, Main, Mizzen, Afterr Mizzen, Jigger, Driver, Spanker

My OpinionEdit

Decent, but the After Mizzen is too much

Peterson's changed view on mast namesEdit

Fore,Main,Mizzen,No.4,No.5,No.6 and Spanker

My OpinionEdit

The 4th 5th and 6th masts need names people!

Captain Arthur Crowley ( 1st captain of the lawson)Edit

Exact same view as Peterson's

My OpinionEdit

Look at my view on Peterson's names

Captain William Holland=== (was quartermaster on the lawson)Edit

Fore, Main, Mizzen,Jigger,Spanker,Driver,Rudder Mast

My OpinionEdit

Pretty good, I like this  one a lot!

Douglas Lawson(son ofthe guy the ship was named after!)Edit


My OpinionEdit

Good, the rider mast idea is catchy

Captain Ernest SproulEdit


My OpinionEdit

Good, but not entirley easy to remember

Charles LincolnEdit

Days of the week

My OpinionEdit

Clever, but annoying and not nautical at all!

The best oneEdit

Actually, there's 2 i really like: Lawson's and Holland's

My namesEdit

Fore, Main, Mizzen, Rider, Jigger, Pusher, Spanker

Please Share your views

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