A redwall fanfiction on the story of the unknown slaver in Mattimeo, Tornear. This is my 1st fanfic!

Chapter 1: The Cold North

The ferrets shivered with the cold north winds.. " Come on honey, just a little more" the brown male ferret Rawhide encouraged. His wife, a she ferret called Honeydew pushed and groaned. Then, pop! A young sleek gray ferret was born. Rawhide cleaned the ferret and handed to his tired wife the ferret. It was beautiful gray and had piercing yellow eyes. Honeydew hugged it. "we'll name him tornear" she decided and they agreed as the cold wind whistled outside their cave. The sleek gray ferret was 28 inches high and 12 pounds. Tornear was destined to become a slaver though an no one could have ever foressen that!

Chapter 2: The Orphan

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