The famous galleon Revenge, Drake's flagship vs. the Armada and the failed English Armada met a heroic end. She had been built in 1577 and was now in 1591, 14 years old. She had served valliantly in the English Navy and now was at the end of her rope. Sir Richard Grenville and Thomas Howard were at sea in the summer of 1591 with a flotilla of 23 ships. The spaniards realized this hastily and sent a fleet of 53 sails to blockade the incoming English. Grenville ironically enough had to put in at a port with 90 sick sailers directly to windward of the Spainiards. On August 31st, the Spaniards revealed themselves. 22 of the 23 ships withdrew in haste, but the revenge stood back and fought alone. For 15 hours, she battled and was finally sank. During the fierce battle, she sank 2 ships and was pounded to a wreck. Sir Richard Grenville died from 2 wounds as well.