After a lot, and i mean a lot of research, and reading the news, I have come to a very likley instrumentation for Titanic's heroic band. 


Wallace Henry Hartley

John Law Hume

George Alexander Krins


George Alexander Krins (as a second instrument, probably played as the ship sank)


John Wesley Woodward

Roger Marie Bricoux


William Theodore Brailey

Percy Cornelius Taylor 


William Theodore Brailey ( He could play flute, picccolo and cello in addition to piano. A piccolo was found on the boat deck of the titanic that through DNA tests was verifed as his, so i'm inclined to believe he played that as the ship sank)


Percy Cornelius Taylor ( a b flat clarinet was found on the deck that was verified as his, so i assume he played it on the deck, not the piano)

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