Armed Virginia Sloop ms2160

HMS Norse, a classic ship both of the 2 sides had

Weapons on pirate ships and British ships were basically the same, with a few notable exceptions.


Grenades a.k.a. smoke bombs

Blunderbuss a.k.a. a little bazooka with a whopper of a kick


Rapiers a.k.a. short, sharp swords that are thrusting weapons


They both shared ships

They both had cannons, cutlasses, pistols, daggers, and long swords

Ship typesEdit

The pirates had schooners, brigs, brigantines, cutters, ketches and sloops, and frigates were used rarely.

The Navy had frigates and fishing smacks and the same kinds as pirates.


The Navy had the Union Jack

The pirates...anything they could get but mainly the jolly roger

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